The 2012-02 post-Kona mailing is available

You can check it out here:

The main anticipated, imho, features are:

static if – it will simplify a huge amount of meta code. 

range – we 100% need ranges. I think everybody is tired of writing begin/end, even if these pair used only in 5% of code 🙂

Filesystem Library for C++11 – as you may know, msvc2011 already have <filesystem> header.

Modules in C++ – it is the major feature of C++. All benefits are listed in proposal. But, for me, the main advantage is get rid off pimple idiom.

boost.asio – please, make it part of standard library. we want platform-independent network library.


I know many huge companies that don’t allow using of boost(or any other 3rd party libraries) in their products. I’m tired of this. Please, make it part of standard.